Sunday, June 29

I Got Your Home-Made Pasta Ovah He'

So, the family made the half-mile trek to Pec and Joe ovah deh's house last night for a little dinnah. A little dinnah? It was a freakin' gourmet spread ovah deh!

Joe Ovah Deh (that's his name, legally, now) cooks.

And if you missed previous posts, I mean COOKS. Pec says not only in the kitchen (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, if ya know what I'm sayin'.) He stood right there with his pasta dough and fed it through his pasta maker, making spaghetti. He had marinara cooking on the stove, had the mixture for the bruschetta ready, was about to prepare a baby leaf salad and of course, he had his very special meatballs already made. After finishing the pasta-making, Joe went and grilled the bread for the bruschetta appetizer, which was accompanied by Steph's favorite soprasatta and provolone (with a BITE!). Somehow, the gravy and the meatballs tasted almost exactly like my paternal grandmother's recipe, which was always very different from my mom and Nonna's gravy and meatballs- a little spicier, but always recognizable. I was temporarily transported back in time to when I was a teenager, eating at my grandmother Lena's house. (She died when I was 16 at the age of 69.) It was kind of weird.

For dessert Pec brought out CANOOLS. Madon! Just what I need! Unfortunately, since Joe Ova Deh did not make the canools, I did not try one. I heard they were very good, regardless.

So, Pec and Joe O.D., thanks for a super delicious dinner and some really hilarious conversation. Next one is Wal-Mart pasta and RagĂș at Fanelli's! No need to bring agiduh, I'll supply it! ;)


pec said...

It was our pleasure to have Fanelli and her clan ovah he for a macaroni and gravy dinna. We laughed, wined, and dined, and laughed some more - that's for sure! Anytime you want to do it again,we'd love it!


Sigime said...

Pec- We'll be der tomorrow.