Saturday, June 21

My Idol

I just caught some of the Daytime Emmies. I don't watch soaps anymore and I rarely am able to watch daytime programming except in the summer, so the Daytime Emmies just happened to be there when I changed channels tonight, ergo, I don't care about them.

But I did catch Susan Lucci and she just popped up on my Yahoo welcome screen. Wow. I used to watch All My Children in college and until Barney took over my television 12 years ago, and I have always thought she is a gorgeous woman.

But now she is a SIXTY-TWO year old gorgeous woman. She is a tiny little thing, too. Obviously looking great is her bread and butter, but how many 62 year-old women look like THIS?

It's hard work to look that good at any age, let alone 62! Sure, some think she may have had work done, which I doubt because she doesn't have any telltale signs, but if she did, she had a great surgeon because she doesn't all pulled and fake. She actually looks better than she did when she started on All My Children in 1970.

When you think about all that women have to do to look decent- not even stars, just regular women, it's exhausting. Shaving, waxing, plucking, hair-dying, manicuring, pedicuring, dieting, teeth-whitening, zit-covering, applying make-up... Good Lord I'm exhausted just typing it! And none of that guarantees us to look anywhere near as good as Susan Lucci on a bad day at SIXTY-TWO YEARS OLD.

Susan Lucci, I don't care how long it took you to win an Emmy- you are my idol.

This post made under the influence of Ambien but I mean every word.

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