Tuesday, July 15

Someone Took My Sunshine Away

Pec and I had lunch with Julio yesterday. He was the only thing that kept us sane at work and this year he left to pursue his doctorate at Georgetown. Even though I tried to push the fact that he was gone out of my mind this year, spending a few hours with him yesterday reminded me of how crappy it is at work without him. All our silliness and goofiness, his advice, not to mention my total dependence on him as my personal Spanish reference manual was noticeably absent from my free periods. I'm happy for him, of course, but man, it sucks to be me without him!


pec said...

I look so cute in this picture! What a lot of laughs we had, huh?

sigime said...

Yes, I do look so cute in this picture. I'd look cuter if Julito weren't sitting on my lap! Oh, yeah, you said YOU. Of course you look cute, like when don't you?