Saturday, November 28

Happy Birthday, Pec!

Today is my friend Stephanie's birthday. She is an awesome friend to me. Besides being loyal and trustworthy, she makes me laugh and laughs at my jokes, she's a great Spanish teacher who I admire (and who teaches my daughter) and she is my only Italian (Sicilian!) friend out here in the boonies. Plus, she and her husband, Joe ovah deh, are faithful readers of my blog. Or were, until I took a little hiatus. :)

Although I'm a transplant from Philly and she's from New York, our backgrounds are similar. I mean, who else out here in the sticks knows what I mean when I say "Madon! That gabagool was good! Now I could go for a rigut ganool." Nobody, that's who!

So to my partner in crime, have a great day and "chen don!" (that's "cent'anni" for you propah speakahs.) I love you, Pec!

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Thursday, November 26

Where's the Lasagna?

Sigh. I don't like turkey much. I'll eat it but given my druthers I'd rather not. When I was young and we used to go to my late Aunt Rita's house and she always made the American food- turkey, potatoes, veggies, etc. But in a nod to our Italian-ness she always had a huge dish of lasagna, too. Now that's what I eyeballed when the table was heaped with "cibo.". Everyone else took some of everything. Not me. Just lasagna. And my Aunt Carole's ( rest her soul) cranberry nut mold. Madon! I was a happy camper.

Today turkey day is at my younger sister's house and it's all American. I'm bringing sweet potato casserole with pecan topping- my dad loves it. I'm working out extra this morning so I have no guilt later, needless to say.

At dinner I always ask everyone to name something they are grateful for besides health. As I said in my previous post, I'm grateful for my family and friends who have made my 40th year on earth very meaningful.

I'm also grateful for my wonderful career that I absolutely love. Eighteen years of teaching and only one tough one. Not bad. A student asked me last year if I knew when I'd stop teaching. I said "when they pry the chalk out of my cold, dead hands."

I wanted to make special mention today of my dearest friends. I'm grateful, in particular, for Michael, Stephanie, Julio and Sharon who have given me such happy moments and memories this year.

I wish I could be grateful for lasagna today but I think not having it will make me grateful tomorrow at weigh-in at the gym.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Think about what you have to be grateful for today and don't forget it!

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