Saturday, November 28

Happy Birthday, Pec!

Today is my friend Stephanie's birthday. She is an awesome friend to me. Besides being loyal and trustworthy, she makes me laugh and laughs at my jokes, she's a great Spanish teacher who I admire (and who teaches my daughter) and she is my only Italian (Sicilian!) friend out here in the boonies. Plus, she and her husband, Joe ovah deh, are faithful readers of my blog. Or were, until I took a little hiatus. :)

Although I'm a transplant from Philly and she's from New York, our backgrounds are similar. I mean, who else out here in the sticks knows what I mean when I say "Madon! That gabagool was good! Now I could go for a rigut ganool." Nobody, that's who!

So to my partner in crime, have a great day and "chen don!" (that's "cent'anni" for you propah speakahs.) I love you, Pec!

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Pec said...

You're unbelievable! Thank you!

Sigi Me said...

Why, yes I am. You're welcome and thank you! Now go have fun!