Friday, March 26

Bring on Spring!

I hate extremes. Neither summer nor winter are for me- 95 degrees in the summer and 15 in the winter are much too far on the ends of the spectrum for my tastes. I love the colors, smells and cool temperatures of autumn but the anticipation of longer days, more sun, the big thaw and the blooms of the trees and flowers actually incite me to mark off the days til Spring on my calendar.

The first day of spring in PA was glorious-70 degrees and sunny! So was the second day. I celebrated this long-awaited event by going to the wildlife conservancy near my house to see if there were any signs of life yet. All I saw was this:

a beautiful crocus among the brown leaves. That was it. I was happy, because after 70" of snow in the region this winter, this was a welcome sight. The next day I went to Peace Valley Park in Doylestown for the first time. It was full of life- bikers, hikers, birders, birds, waterfowl and kids. I "perched" in the bird blind and caught my favorite bird enjoying the day:

a Northern Cardinal! This one sight made up for the whole crappy winter- I have been trying to catch a shot of a cardinal for four years! They are so beautiful, I could look at them all day. But instead, I called it a day and thanked God for my very favorite season.

(Both photos edited in Photo Shop Elements 7.0)

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