Wednesday, April 7

Sweet, Sweet Easter

Easter is always at my house with between 14 and 18 people each year. I spend most of the day before cooking. I make the traditional ham, and this year made pecan crusted sweet potato casserole and baked spinach with cream cheese topped with bread crumbs and rubbed sage. There was also pineapple bread pudding that I did not make. That was for the American tradition. Then I brought out 48 hand-stuffed shells in my home made marinara sauce and sweet sausage and my universally famous (yes, universally) meatballs. And of course a salad.
We always have some sort of pasta with a ham or turkey, we just do, whatever the holiday. So, after about two hours of cooking and then last minute preparations on Sunday, dinner was ready. Animated conversation ensued and we watched my new niece feed herself at not quite one year old. Her presence made Easter even sweeter!

Then, then, the dessert. Oh! The dessert! Peanut butter pies. Chocolate creme pie, Easter pie. Raspberry cheesecake, Italian cookies and the piece de resistance- the cannoli! Chocolate, vanilla and ricotta cheese, covered in chocolate chips- the dessert counter was a sight to behold. Cannoli is not an every day dessert in my family- it's for holidays. So everyone lines up for one. Me? I had a half of a ricotta stuffed cannoli and called it a night. It was worth the wait- the last time I had one was in New York City in October at Rocco's bakery in the village (which I highly recommend). Everyone left stuffed and happy and I have a year to recuperate before I start the cooking marathon again!

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dranaan said...

I just found your blog and I really love it. I am a Sicilian American from North Jersey who relocated to the NJ-side of metro Philly about 10 years ago. I see a lot of myself and my family in yuor blog, especially the post about your grandmother. Va bene and grazie.

Sigi Me said...

Grazie dranaan!