Saturday, September 25

Pasta Fazool

A recipe for the autumn.
Mangia bene!

Pasta E Fagioli

(Makes approximately 6 Servings)
1/2 cup olive oil
4 garlic cloves chopped
2 chopped carrots
1/2 onion, chopped
3 cups of crushed tomatoes (I prefer Tuttarossa for canned, if no fresh is available)
1 and a half tablespoon fresh chopped Parsley
2 cups small uncooked ditalini pasta
2 cups cannellini beans (rinsed)
1 cup of water

Salt, Pepper, Oregano & grated Pecorino Romano cheese (to taste)

Boil water
Heat olive oil.
Sautée carrots and onions until onions are transparent.
Add garlic, oregano and parsley, then tomatoes and a cup of water.
Add salt and pepper to taste
Boil then add beans and cook on medium for 40 minutes

Bring to rolling boil. Cook pasta until it's al dente and drain.
Add the pasta and the cannelini beans to tomatoes already cooking and simmer for about 7 minutes.

Wednesday, September 22

Why God Made Bakers

Saturday was my daughter's big Sweet 15 party (quinceañera). She was doing a subtle Little Mermaid theme because it's our favorite Disney movie/Broadway show and the first movie I ever took her to see in the theater. Also her (and my) first Broadway show.
She wanted a particular cake- a two (or three) tiered, elaborately decorated, Mermaid cake (did I mention her obsession with the Little Mermaid?)- and wanted me to bake it. Shah! I can cook anything. I can bake lots of delicious, fattening stuff. But I have no patience to stand still and decorate baked goods-much less this monstrosity. Plus, I never have time. I teach and run two small businesses. Oh yeah, and I have two children.

But for my kid, I tried. Bought all the stuff. Made the cakes. Had the fondant ready. "My nonna will be so proud of me," I thought as I prepared the bottom tier.
Then the thought of all those people looking at my amateur cake started worrying me. "A homemade cake?" they'd think. "she couldn't afford to hire a baker?" "Did her 9 year old ice this?" they'd whisper. My kid deserved to have a beautiful cake!

So I made an executive decision, much to the chagrin of my birthday girl. I called the professionals- the ones who bake in a giant pro kitchen and have been trained in this area. And I threw in the towel, er cake pan.

Surrounded by 4 cakes I decided to decorate one to remind me not to get hornswaggled into this again. My mom reminded me that day "Honey, if we thought you could bake, we wouldn't have sent you to college." So this will remind me. Much like the flamenco red walls of my office that I painted remind me never to paint again.
Here is my work of art: French Vanilla with butter cream frosting:

You're jealous of my skills, I know.

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